What we can learn from ownCloud’s collapse

OwnCloud was founded by Frank Karlitschek in 2010, a KDE developer who created many other open source projects.

In 2012, he co-founded ownCloud Inc. with Markus Rex.

But in April of this year, everything fell apart. Karlitschek announced that he was leaving ownCloud Inc. He was not happy with the balance between the interests of the ownCloud community and that of the company.

On June 2, within 12 hours of the announcement of Karlitschek’s new project and company Nextcloud, ownCloud Inc. announced that it was shutting down its U.S. office, placing the blame squarely on Nextcloud. “Unfortunately, the announcement has consequences for ownCloud, Inc. based in Lexington, MA. Our main lenders in the US have cancelled our credit. Following American law, we are forced to close the doors of ownCloud, Inc. with immediate effect and terminate the contracts of 8 employees,” ownCloud wrote in a blog post.