Tools for the OPEN SOURCE Internet of Things

IOT toolkit

The Internet of Things today consists of many different sensor networks and protocols, connected to dedicated cloud services, providing access through smartphone and browser apps. It is rare for these separate “silos” to cooperate or interact with each other.

The IoT Toolkit is an Open Source project to develop a set of tools for building multi-protocol Internet of Things Gateways and Service gateways that enable horizontal co-operation between multiple different protocols and cloud services. The project consists of the Smart Object API, gateway service, and related tools:

  • Smart Object API gateway service reference implementation
  • HTTP-to-CoAP Semantic mapping proxy
  • Gateway-as-a-Service deployment
  • Application framework, embedded software Agents
  • Semantic discovery and linkage, Linked Data compatibility
  • Tools for multiple sensor net clients
  • Raspberry Pi and cloud micro-instance deployment images (Ubuntu)