Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

The latest innovation is the SPARC M7, which was announced this week and is set to ship in 2015. In an audio press conference, John Fowler, Executive Vice-President of Systems at Oracle detailed some of the SPARC T5 innovation that the M7 will bring to the market.

Fowler noted that the M7 processor will be the fifth new processor Oracle has announced in the last four years. In March of 2013, Oracle announced the T5 and M5 SPARC processors and more recently in September 2013 the company announced the M6 SPARC.

The new Oracle SPARC M7 includes 32 fourth-generation S4 cores and can be dynamically threaded with up to 8 threads per core. Each processor is now able to support up to 2 TB of physical memory, and the plan is to be able to scale a server system all the way up to 32 processors.