LXD The Linux container hypervisor

What is LXD (“lex‐dee”)?

Imagine you could launch a new machine in under a second, and that you could launch literally hundreds of them on a single server. Now, imagine hardware‐guaranteed security to ensure that those machines can’t spy on one another. Imagine you can connect them separately and securely to networks. And imagine that you can run that on a single node or a million, live migrate machines between those nodes, and talk to all of it through a clean, extensible REST API.

By combining the speed and density of containers with the security of traditional virtual machines, Canonical’s LXD is the next‐generation of container hypervisor for Linux.


Docker is an amazing application delivery mechanism, which may change the world of devops forever.

With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, you can run your Docker containers inside LXD containers.