Linux 4.1 rc6

It’s been a fairly normal week, although I can’t say that the rc’s have  exactly started shrinking yet. No, the rc’s haven’t been all that big to begin with this release cycle, and things have been fairly calm, but I’d be happier if we didn’t have noise in raid5 and device-mapper at this stage.

That said, it’s not like rc6 is a big rc, and things look normal. This is about half drivers (mainly scsi target, networking, and graphics, plus the aforementioned raid and dm changes, with other random fixes).
The rest is fairly evenly split between architecture updates (alpha stands out), filesystem updates (xfs, cifs and overlayfs) and “misc” (networking, turbostat tool update, documentation).

Most of the fixes are really quite small. Shortlog appended, skimming it gives a flavor of the kinds of things we have here.