Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Products for Linux

Adobe provides a number of applications under Adobe Creative Suite, now under Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s not just limited to Photoshop but contains various other software that helps primarily in Web design, logo making, video editing, pdf editing and more.

GIMP: Alternative to Adobe Photoshop

GIMP Interface


Inkscape: Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Inkscape is one of the best vector graphic editor for Linux


Scribus: Alternative to Adobe Indesign

Scribus is alternative to Adobe Indesign in Linux


OpenShot: Alternative to Adobe Premiere

Openshot free video editor on ubuntu


Synfig: Alternative to Adobe Animate

Synfig is alternative to Adobe Animate


darktable: Alternative to Adobe Lightroom

Darktable is Linux alternative of Adobe Lightroom


Natron / ButtleOFX: Alternative to Adobe Aftereffects

Natron is Linux alternatives to Adobe Aftereffects


Ardour: Alternative to Adobe Audition

Ardour audio editor alternative to Adobe Audition


Master PDF: Alternative to Adobe Acrobat [Non-FOSS]