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Qualcomm, Netgear Team for Mesh Wi-FI Smart Speaker

This could be the start of a trend that may accelerate in the 5G era, as the symmetrical distribution of wireless connectivity becomes key to delivering cognitive smart office and home experiences.Qualcomm and Netgear on Aug. 30 introduced a new voice-activated smart-speaker device, called Netgear Orbi Voice, that is similar to Alexa, Siri and Google in that it understands speech and can carry out requests.

But there’s a big difference: This one is part of a Wi-Fi mesh network that actually strengthens itself and becomes more powerful as new plugged-in devices are connected to it.


Mesh Network Includes Plug-In Satellite Devices

“In a mesh Wi-Fi network, whether in an enterprise or home environment, there’s a box connected to the router or gateway to make an ISP (internet service provider) access point,” Ignacio Contreras, Qualcomm Director of IoT Marketing an Analyst Relations, told eWEEK. “You plug in some small satellite devices throughout the office or home so they have a wireless connection among themselves. They have intelligence in them; if one of the devices gets disconnected, the network can detect that and immediately start serving devices using another configuration.

“It’s the same thing with enterprise Wi-Fi; we’re used to that. But those are hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars systems.”

Wi-Fi EasyMesh

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ brings a standards-based approach to Wi-Fi networks that utilize multiple access points (APs), combining the benefits of easy to use, self-adapting Wi-Fi with greater flexibility in device choice that comes with interoperable Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices. Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ networks employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network that provides smart, efficient Wi-Fi throughout the home and outdoor spaces.

A standard for Wi-Fi mesh networking is an industry win

Have you ever wondered how Wi-Fi systems connect smartphones, printers, smart thermostats, or gaming consoles with relative ease? Or how despite all the variation and diversity inherent to connectivity technologies, things somehow, magically, just work? In large part, it’s thanks to industry standards created and managed by industry groups like the Wi-Fi Alliance and many others. Standards are supported by multiple vendors and verified by robust certification programs, and help ensure vibrant ecosystems of interoperable products.