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Qt Developer Days 2013

L’evento si è tenuto a Berlino il 7-9 ottobre e si terrà a  San Francisco il 6-8 novembre 2013.

Dal prossimo anno garantiremo la nostra presenza  a questi ed altri fondamentali eventi per lo sviluppo software. Infatti praticamente l’intera nostra attività si basa sulla sistemistica Linux e lo sviluppo Qt.

Qt Developer Days - 2013


Lightning Talks

Room: Almaty A
Title Presenter
Red Herring – QML nd HMTL5 Till Adam
QML gotchas Aurindam Jana
The Raspberry Pi Camera Module Jeff Tranter
Using QVariant printing capabilities along with some syntactic sugar for simple string formatting John Melas
Quick and physical (adding simple mechanical interactions to your QML) Vladimir Moolle
Room: Almaty B
Title Presenter
The QML runtime Alan Alpert
CalendarApp (QtOnAndroid) and DesktopApp (Qt) using GnuPG and sync via Drupal Services Christoph Hagemeyer
Banana accounting spreadsheet software José Del Romano
How do we write SQL queries in 2013? Andras Mantia
How to use Facebook, Ads, In-App Purchases and Analytics in mobile Apps with Qt Christian Feldbacher
Room: Moskau
Title Presenter
fullmo Kickdrive – Qt Quick in Industry Automation Oliver Heggelbacher & Frankie Simon
Remote Debugging With GammaRay Volker Krause
Data Visualization in 3D Sami Makkonen
Easy Qt Development on embedded devices with Hemera Dario Freddi
Qt Quick Enterprise Controls Hanne Linaae
Room: Asgabat
Title Presenter
Cheap radio control for electronic timing systems using Qt, BlackBerry 10, and Raspberry Pi Kalle Dalheimer & Benoit Dumas
What’s new in QDateTime and QLocale John Layt
Fancy video effects with QtGStreamer and Qt Quick 2.0 Mathias Hasselmann
Implementing moc using clang’s libraries Olivier Goffart
QtCreator for BareMetal development Tim Sander
How to create a CoverFlow in QML Igor Grivko
Room: Vilnius
Title Presenter
Accessing Android System Services with Qt for an Aircraft Walter Roth
Command-line parsing in Qt David Faure
QML’s many faces Kevin Krammer
News from Inqlude, the Qt library archive Cornelius Schumacher
Extending Your Qt Widget Desktop Application as a Back-end Service for Web and Mobile Devices Cameron Kiddle