How to Install vnStat and vnStati to Monitor Network Traffic in RHEL/CentOS 7

The latest version of vnStat 1.13 has been released on January 18th, 2015 and includes several following features and fixes.


  1. Statistics remain available even after system reboots
  2. Monitor multiple network interfaces at the same time
  3. Multiple output options
  4. Sort the data by hour, day, month, week or get the top 10 days
  5. Generate png graphic of the output
  6. Configure “Months” to follow up with different billing cycles you may have
  7. Very light – consumes really small portion of your system resources
  8. Low CPU usage no matter how much traffic you generate
  9. You don’t have to be root to use it
  10. Select units dynamically (KB, MB etc)
  11. vnStati provides some new options like:
    1. -nl / –nolegend (hides the rx/tx legend)
    2. –altdate – use alternative date/time text location
    3. –headertext – to customize the text in the image header.
  12. You can add legend to generated output image
  13. Customizable options for content positioning and image background color to vnStat.cgi.
  14. The interface bandwidth will be automatically detected.
  15. Use JSON for output