About GNUmed


To produce and to make available free (as in liberated) open source software to help providers better document, understand, plan, and manage their patients’ health, and health care delivery, at longitudinal points of care.

Quality Policy

The project places high value on safe, effective care. Any identified risk to safe, effective care shall be a top priority.

Quality Objectives

Within the limits of the project’s resources,

  • information will clearly separate what the software claims to do, from what it does not
  • software will do what it claims to do
    • in a way that best allows providers to serve patient care
    • with a minimum of downtime, data loss, inappropriate data alteration or access, or errors
    • in a way that promotes community participation to further improve the software
  • software downtime, data loss, inappropriate data alteration or access, and errors will
    • where manageable, be avoided by design
    • be able to be detected, reported, made known to the user base, repaired, worked around, and resolved in a time and manner appropriate to the severity of the errors or their consequences

and toward these objectives will be developed a Quality Management System.

GNUmed never sleeps