will help you gather data from the environment and automate tasks as easy as pie.

2. You could …

  • log your heartrate daily

    to prevent illness or make sure yor grandparents are doing ok

  • see where your kids are

    log their position so they are safe and you can focus on your work

  • automate your house

    to save energy and log appliances status and control them remotely

  • interact with your car

    to log your position, fuel consumption and car health via On-board diagnostics

  • manage your auto fleet

    to be sure your cars deliver the products in time and are working well

  • oversee your warehouse

    to know what you have and what people are doing in there precisely

  • automate your cell tower

    to be sure you remote base station is working in good condition

  • make a weather station

    to have your trusted source of data and be able to make accurate predictions