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Trinket’s got a big sister in town – the Pro Trinket 5V! Pro Trinket combines everything you love about Trinket with the familiarity of the common core Arduino chip, the ATmega328. It’s like an Arduino Pro Mini with more pins and USB tossed in, so delicious.

Adafruit Industries is an open-source hardware company founded by Limor Fried in 2005.[1][2] The company designs and manufactures a number of electronics products, sells a wide variety of electronics components, tools, and accessories via its online storefront, and produces a number of learning resources, including written tutorials, introductory videos for children, and the longest running live video electronics show on the Internet.[3] All AdaFruit products are manufactured in Manhattan, New York City.[3] In 2013, the company took in $22 million in revenue, and had shipped over a million products in 480,000 orders.[4]