AMD “Hierofalcon” CPU SoC, processore rivoluzionario

AMD annucia le nuove CPU.

Nel secondo trimestre del 2014 sarà disponibile “Hierofalcon” CPU, un Cortex ARM 57 puro 64 bit, costruita per data center, utilizzi industriali e nella comunicazione.

Integra perfino una scheda di rete a 10 Gb e PCI-Express Gen 3!

Come recita l’articolo:

“Hierofalcon” CPU SoC — the first 64-bit ARM-based platform from AMD targeting embedded data center applications, communications infrastructure, and industrial solutions. It will include up to eight ARM Cortex-A57 CPUs expected to run up to 2.0GHz and provides high performance memory with two 64-bit DDR3/4 channels with error correction code (ECC) for high reliability applications. The highly-integrated SoC includes 10Gb KR Ethernet and PCI-Express Gen 3 for high-speed network connectivity, making it ideal for control plane applications. The “Hierofalcon” series also provides enhanced security with support for ARM TrustZone technology and a dedicated cryptographic security co-processor, aligning to the increased need for networked, secure systems. “Hierofalcon” is expected to be sampling in the second quarter of 2014 with production in the second half of the year.